Wednesday, May 17

The Story Cure

I’ll tell you what…even if you only read the introduction to this book, it’s enough to motivate and inspire you to improve your novel or memoir. But don’t stop there. The rest of the book does a great job of addressing common concerns and pitfalls we, as writers, face. The Book Doctor helps you strengthen your work and guide you through revisions.

I love the organization of this book and the author’s straightforward approach. The language used is easy to understand, and the concepts are simple to follow.

The Story Cure is divided into two parts, Cures and Checkups. The first section (the first 140 pages) helps you find the foundations of your story—characters, dialogue, setting, point of view, plot, and other details. It also directs you on how to diagnose problem areas and how to ‘cure’ them.

The second section can be the more painful part—unless you are like me and strangely enjoy the painstaking process of editing and revising. It contains healthy habit tips, and inspires a strong approach to basically re-writing your entire book. (teehee)

If you struggle with motivation, inspiration, or progressing your manuscript along, this book is a great helper. Just follow the doctor’s advice and you’re sure to be on your way to a bestseller—or at least a finished book. ;)

Rating: 5 stars

Thank you to the publisher and BloggingForBooks for my complimentary copy.

Monday, May 15

Free Books

The Tyndale Rewards program is designed to provide you with opportunities to get books and Bibles for zero dollars. That’s right—F. R. E. E. As a member of the Tyndale Rewards program, you’ll have access to inspiring literature, Bibles, special promotional offers, and much more.

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Thursday, May 4


Windfall is a fun, fast YA read. Some parts are predictable, but overall the premise of this book is unique and entertaining.

One thing this book makes you do is think. What would I do if I won the lottery? Would I change? Through the ups and downs, the story makes the reader examine their own views, ideals, and desires.

I enjoyed this story, but Alice bothered me a bit. I sympathized with her—to a point—but she tended to be too weak for my taste. I wanted to “toughen her up” and give her more oomph.

Thank you to the publisher and BloggingForBooks for my complimentary copy.

Monday, April 3

Back in the Saddle (Book Review)

I love it when I come across the first book in a series and don’t have to wonder what I’ve missed in previous books. Back in the Saddle, by Ruth Logan Herne, is book one in the Double S Ranch series, and a pretty fast read.

The cover is cute, and I love second chance themes, but I have to say my attention waned in and out in a few places due to repetition.

I could picture the ranch and enjoyed getting to know most of the characters, but I feel the relationships could’ve been developed more—deeper.

Overall, I’m happy this is a clean read and carries a spiritual element throughout. I enjoyed the story, landscape, and the town’s dynamics, and look forward to continuing the series. Rating: 3 stars

Thank you to the publisher and BloggingForBooks for my complimentary copy.

Saturday, March 25

Open when... Letters to lift your spirits

What a cute, hardcover booklet! I’ve read books delivered in a letter design, but I’ve never seen it quite like this. The sturdy pages are folded into the shape of an envelope, and the short little messages they enclose are sweet and uplifting. Each page is decorated, front and back, with a stamp and fun, colorful decorations.

This makes a thoughtful gift. It’s contains simple, succinct messages when you need some encouragement, or little reminders to look on the bright side. And what a cute delivery!

Thank you to the publisher and BloggingForBooks for my complimentary copy.

5 Stars

Friday, March 10

The Chilbury Ladies' Choir (Book Review)

I came across so much hype for this book that my expectations were high. While I can’t say I was initially wowed or blown away by the multi-point-of-view letter format, I did become absorbed in the story by a couple focal characters.

It’s not easy drawing a group of women of different ages, beliefs, opinions and life-experiences together into one cohesive unit, but when they realize they need each other to create something good in a time of unrest, friendships form and they create beautiful music to battle the wartime troubles.

That’s not to say everything is rosy. There is a nice blend of ups and downs, good and bad, struggle and success to keep the reader turning pages. I didn’t really connect with some of the characters, at least not as deeply as with others, but still found the story satisfying.

Thank you to the publisher and BloggingForBooks for my complimentary copy.
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