Saturday, March 25

Open when... Letters to lift your spirits

What a cute, hardcover booklet! I’ve read books delivered in a letter design, but I’ve never seen it quite like this. The sturdy pages are folded into the shape of an envelope, and the short little messages they enclose are sweet and uplifting. Each page is decorated, front and back, with a stamp and fun, colorful decorations.

This makes a thoughtful gift. It’s contains simple, succinct messages when you need some encouragement, or little reminders to look on the bright side. And what a cute delivery!

Thank you to the publisher and BloggingForBooks for my complimentary copy.

5 Stars

Friday, March 10

The Chilbury Ladies' Choir (Book Review)

I came across so much hype for this book that my expectations were high. While I can’t say I was initially wowed or blown away by the multi-point-of-view letter format, I did become absorbed in the story by a couple focal characters.

It’s not easy drawing a group of women of different ages, beliefs, opinions and life-experiences together into one cohesive unit, but when they realize they need each other to create something good in a time of unrest, friendships form and they create beautiful music to battle the wartime troubles.

That’s not to say everything is rosy. There is a nice blend of ups and downs, good and bad, struggle and success to keep the reader turning pages. I didn’t really connect with some of the characters, at least not as deeply as with others, but still found the story satisfying.

Thank you to the publisher and BloggingForBooks for my complimentary copy.

Monday, January 30

Shine Like the Dawn (Review)

I haven’t read many books that take place in England during the 1800s, but it didn’t take long to ‘get into’ the story. Shine Like the Dawn pulls you in from the first chapter.

Maggie Lounsbury is a well-developed character, and I cared about what she went through. I love it when I feel I’m somewhat shouldering a character’s plight, making me feel like part of the story.

This story pulled a variety of emotions from me. I’m happy I got to know Maggie and Nate, and hope this is the beginning of a series.

I received a complimentary copy of Shine Like the Dawn from the publisher.

Wednesday, January 4

Holding Up The Universe (Book Review)

I’ve recently begun reading YA fiction in an attempt to widen my scope of genres. It’s interesting to visit new styles and visions, and YA is definitely unique. (A negative to YA, or at least in the few I’ve read, is the language used. I’m not fond of foul language, even in context to this age group. Of course this is just my personal viewpoint.)

Holding Up The Universe drew me in pretty quickly, with the teenage, vernacular, and angst. And I enjoyed the alternating first-person viewpoints between Libby and Jack. Their unique personalities were immediately evident, making the chapter switches simple and seamless. The subject matter is appropriate for teens, where they’re probably initially exposed to bullying and teen hierarchy, as well as being introduced to a diverse set of peers.

I suppose what the story lacked, (for me) was depth. The main characters didn’t feel real to me. I found it difficult to get under their skin and sink into their emotions. I sympathized somewhat, but not in full capacity. The story started out fairly strong, but I lost interest here and there throughout the second half of the book.

If your go-to genre is YA then it’s likely you will enjoy this book more than I did.

I received a complementary book from BloggingForBooks.

Tuesday, December 13

Brady VS Manning (Book Review)

It doesn’t get any better than Brady and Manning. They’re exceptional at teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, and character. I’m a fan of them both, and it is enjoyable to see/learn/read about the rivalry and respect that propelled them forward in their careers.

Their careers parallel in many ways, because of their abilities and strengths, but their differences are vast and complex. Although I don’t read a lot about sports (I’m an avid fiction reader) I really enjoyed reading more about these two. The photos are an added bonus.

If you’re a fan of Brady, Manning, or the prospective teams they were/are on, or simply love sports and football, I think you’ll enjoy this peek into their lives and careers.

I received a complementary book from BloggingForBooks.

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