Sunday, February 20

Hues of You


I love the cover of this children's book. It's eye-catching and exhibits everyone's many hues of brown. Using crayons to present this is smart, fitting the target age group (7-10 year olds) well.

Hues of You is an interesting and very unique activity book. It's fresh and new, revealing our differences and likenesses with do-it-yourself drawings and fill-in-the-blank sections. I like how it reveals that we are all a shade of brown and diversity is to be celebrated.

Words explained are RACE, RACISM, COLORISM, ETHNICITY, and NATIONALITY, defining them in an easy to understand way. I also love how it describes that family members and friends can all have different shades of brown and that is a special thing.

Thank you to Waterbrook for providing a complimentary copy.

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