Monday, May 16

All That Fills Us


Mel is a memorable character who I relate to with ease. We are actually very different, but I still feel many of her fears and emotions, and she is very believable.

This is the first book I've read by this author, so what initially piqued my interest in reading it was the gorgeous cover art and the great title. Both of these things are so very important to me. They are what make me decide to read the blurb or not, so I can get more insight.

All that Fills Us is a fairly quick read. I read it in one day, but kind of wish I'd taken longer so I didn't have to put it away so soon. I loved the spiritual aspects, giving it so much depth and meaning. I'd definitely like to read more from this new-to-me author!

Thank you to Revell for providing a complimentary copy.

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