Wednesday, January 4

Holding Up The Universe (Book Review)

I’ve recently begun reading YA fiction in an attempt to widen my scope of genres. It’s interesting to visit new styles and visions, and YA is definitely unique. (A negative to YA, or at least in the few I’ve read, is the language used. I’m not fond of foul language, even in context to this age group. Of course this is just my personal viewpoint.)

Holding Up The Universe drew me in pretty quickly, with the teenage, vernacular, and angst. And I enjoyed the alternating first-person viewpoints between Libby and Jack. Their unique personalities were immediately evident, making the chapter switches simple and seamless. The subject matter is appropriate for teens, where they’re probably initially exposed to bullying and teen hierarchy, as well as being introduced to a diverse set of peers.

I suppose what the story lacked, (for me) was depth. The main characters didn’t feel real to me. I found it difficult to get under their skin and sink into their emotions. I sympathized somewhat, but not in full capacity. The story started out fairly strong, but I lost interest here and there throughout the second half of the book.

If your go-to genre is YA then it’s likely you will enjoy this book more than I did.

I received a complementary book from BloggingForBooks.

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