Friday, July 28

31 Proverbs to Light Your Path

Something the author wrote on the introduction page really resonated with me:

"We'll be taking a word-by-word-by-word approach to Bible study. My theory? Better to chew slowly and savor each phrase than to swallow a passage whole and not remember what we ate."

That pretty much sums up why I enjoy this book. It gives me a deeper look and understanding of Proverbs.

Each chapter contains a title, a verse from Proverbs, a devotion/study, a prayer, and a section titled: One Minute, One Step. The final section shows us how to apply what we've learned, or how to see the message more clearly. It encourages the reader to apply what they've learned in the next sixty seconds--not set aside the information for another time.) In the back of the book is a study guide that shares questions to further your understanding of the Proverbs, with corresponding verses to look back on.

Whether experiencing tough times, or just wanting to spend time with the Lord and His Word, this is a practical and meaningful resource for life builders.

Thank you to BloggingForBooks for my complimentary copy.

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